What is perfect binding?

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What is Perfect Binding?

Perfect Binding is performed by frazing off the spine, teasing out the fibres from the paper and putting small notches into the spine for the adhesive to flow into.

The spine area of the text and cover should be free from ink, varnish, sealers and laminates. Solvents should be allowed sufficient time to dissipate to the atmosphere.

A minimum allowance of 3 mm should be made at the head, foredge and foot for trimming to finished size. This is called 'bleed'.

And at the spine for frazing off. The strongest binds will always be achieved with cartridge papers rather than art papers, though in most cases provided the above recommendations are followed, art papers up to 150gsm can usually be bound without problem. In some circumstances 170gsm art papers can be bound but we would recommend that you discuss with us prior to printing.

We would always recommend that the grain direction of all materials supplied for the text and cover should be head to tail.

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