Useful tips for self publishers on book printing

Before you get your book file ready for printing, you will be spending much time finding one professional printing company to quote, you should know at least some printing terminologies to do one efficient communication with this printer.

Here are some notes for you to master.

  1. Soft cover book or Hard cover book. Tell the printing clearly it’s one soft cover book or called paperback book.
  2. Size. Book’s size impact the cost distinctly. So you must be aware of what size of your book. Normally A4, A3. Of course there are some other kind size which can be printed easily, but may with too much Paper waste.

You shold also be aware of that A4 has diferent definition in China and Western countries. When we say A4 in China, it is 210*285mm, but for one western customer, it means 210*297mm. Later size will cause extra more material waste.

  1. Color. What color of the cover and interior contents? Normaly it’s full color for cover, but may be full color or single black color for interior contents.
  2. Binding. There are many binding method for choice. But you should know this clearly before you contact one printer for quote. Get ready in advance is to save your time and work professioinally with the printer. Of course, you can contact the good printer for more discussion if you are not aware of what kind binding is most suitable for your book. One professional printer will give you one good suggestion.
  3. Quantity. How many copy of this book you would print? Price varies very much upon different quantity.
  4. Shipping. Where to ship also should be taken into consideration.

Working with one professional printing company will be helpful very much for your book printing needs. Not one cheap price, but one good quality and professional service is needed for publishers.