UK printing industry reveals faint signs of recovery

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Experienced a downturn after five consecutive years, with the British economy to pick up, the British printing industry also showed a faint signs of recovery, at the same time, the British paper 20 consecutive years of declining sales trend eased.

Printed overall trend for the better British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF) in the printing industry outlook survey for people depicts a beautiful blueprint. As the printing industry in the second quarter performance exceeded expectations, so it has also become the UK printing industry in the past two years reached a peak.

British Printing Industries Federation on 91 printing business representatives conducted a survey result that 53% of respondents said they did not feel the changing commercial environment; 19% of respondents said business saw a decline; remaining 28% of respondents said their domestic orders increased. Commenting on the third quarter, the operating conditions, the 31% of respondents believe that their business will increase. Most companies are expected to printing industry sales will rise further. More than a quarter of the companies feel the overall market to pick up, rather than to a quarter of the companies that further deterioration in the business environment. During the investigation, 80% of the printing business representatives are currently the most vicious competitors let them troublesome problem, followed by lack of capacity utilization (34%) and customers delayed payments (24%).

Nevertheless, almost all printing companies are planned over the next 12 months for businesses to make new investments, including staff training and investment in fixed assets. But the British Printing Industries Federation is not clear whether these investment demand offset technology by the enterprise from the transition to digital printing technology, or want to expand into new markets generated. Of course, any findings should be supported with data. Some of the UK credit institutions also just confirms the conclusions of the British Printing Industries Federation of view. UK corporate bankruptcy and restructuring advisory firm Berger Biscay. Traynor said that British companies are improving living conditions, can reach almost since 2007, the best level.

According to information services company Experian the monitored bankruptcy situation, the United Kingdom last quarter corporate bankruptcy rates have risen, but is still a relatively low level in recent years. Paper industry outlook is bleak for those export-oriented printing enterprises, the market demand is basically stable, but in the next quarter situation somewhat grim. 71% of respondents said their orders lower than normal levels, has almost fallen nearly 13 years since the minimum value. Paper industry situation is not satisfactory. The actual paper prices did not increase, while printing and rapid changes in the state by the traders effects – paper types in reducing inventory reduction also led to some paper ordering cycle becomes longer – the price of paper to a certain extent, reflect the true state of the market demand. PPL is a company specializing in the paper industry, paper industry to make their forecasts more severe. Based on past experience, this year the UK will also reduce paper consumption 10 million tons, reaching the lowest point since 1992, compared with 2000 when 24 per cent below the peak. Cardboard and paper hygiene sales slightly better than the printed paper, which is why paper manufacturers will focus on the production of packaging and tissue paper products causes. Most core coated paper without mechanical pulp sales were down 9.4%, offsetting all wood woodfree coated paper and the growth rate, which suggests that consumer choice of substrates is also changing.

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