Total Ban on Imports of Japanese Food, impacts printing for Japan

According to Japan "produce reported by the news" 2015 May 14, held yesterday in Chinese Taipei chiefs level protocol, the Japanese government asked Taiwan to withdraw by 2015, April 16: the further strengthening of measures to limit the import of Japanese food. This request was refused to Taiwan, the breakdown of negotiations the two sides. Taiwan will begin from 15 days, a total ban on imports of Japanese food.

According to reports, director level officials of the Japanese Ministry of agriculture and industry, attended the talks. In 2011 March the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima nuclear leakage after the accident, Taiwan except for Japan's nuclear pollution area 5 counties (Fukushima, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Chiba) food implementation measures to prohibit the import, from Tokyo and Shizuoka, aquatic products, tea, baby milk powder 3 major categories of more than 800 food included in the "high risk" products, required to produce proof of nuclear radiation inspection. In 2015 April, the Taiwan government announced further restrictions on Japanese food imports. According to reports, Taiwan in April 16, 2015, issued new regulations. Japan said that the new regulations "unscientific", Taiwan issued new regulations to withdraw.

In 13 days of negotiations, Japan asked to delay the implementation of the new regulations, Taiwan did not respond. Taiwan will be from 15 banned food imports from Japan, stranded in Japanese ports and airports of exports to Taiwan food will not be able to enter Taiwan.

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