The world’s oldest newspaper stopped printing plate

September 27, according to foreign media reports, first published in 1734 of the "Lloyds Ships Daily" (Lloyd'sList) will stop the printed version, fully digital.

Nearly 280 years of history, "Lloyd Ship Daily" is the world's oldest continuously published newspaper, initially it is only attached to the London cafe wall a notice, has now become a global shipping market news and analysis of the major Source. Wednesday "Lloyd Ship Daily" announced the end to release print version.

The newspaper's management said that readers of the printed version of the growing interest in small, prompting the newspaper to make this decision. Recently, "Lloyd Ships Daily" survey, less than 2% of the readers of relying solely on print newspapers for "Lloyd Ship Daily" content.

"Lloyd Ship Daily" editor Richard Mead (Richard Meade) in a statement addressed the advantages of digital publishing, and expressed relative to the print edition, most readers prefer the digital version. Digital publishing can bring new ways and opportunities through service innovation, to provide all aspects of the shipping industry depth news and information, and according to the reader's individual needs, providing market intelligence and data.

This decision coincided with a difficult period of the newspaper industry. Over the past ten years, the newspaper industry profits, print advertising revenue and circulation are in decline. While some daily newspaper printed through the toll walls and exclusive content to maintain margins and print publication, but other newspapers have tended to abandon the print version to digital distribution.

March 2009, "the Seattle Post-Intelligencer" Stop the printed version, a month later, "Christian Science Monitor" Out of Print print edition. "Newsweek" and "U.S. News And World Report" magazine subsequently choose to give up print version, published only converted digital version.

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