Soft Cover Book Printing History

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Soft Cover Book is also called as paperback book. Among the books, soft cover book take one imortant part and serves the society from hundreds years ago till now.

In ancient China, there are many soft cover books. But binding is different from nowadays.

Before the morden printing and bindary technology appears, acient Chinese put the paper onto one plate which is similar to nowadays’ plate. This is earliest printing technology. This printing technology was transferred by Marco Polo to Western Europe. This is also one of forth great contributions that acient China made to the world.

In ancient days, paperback book was all sewn with thread. No glue used.

Now, in the bindary line, thousands books are put in the binding machine going through one gate then is glued with high temperature at high speed.

However, we must thanks for the ancient’s great efforts they contributed in the printing binding industry.