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Many publishers are looking for one better printing service all around the world, but never find one 100% satisfying printing company.Why?

That's because you have not been in touch with us.

When you read this article, we are here closer to you for your printing need. Just send us an email, all will be taken good care of by us Wons Printing Company which is one professional printing company with focus on book printing and box printing.

As one of the most professional, reliable printers in China, we have high credit reputation of working with global publishers all over the world.

One large publishing house normally provides one good file in PDF. This file is edited well for printing directly, no need any further editions at printing company's side. This is mostly welcome. Once file is provided to printer, it can be used for printing streight away, and color output based on this kind file will definitely reach to publisher's expectation. Printer also do not need spend any more time on file reviewing.

However, to some self publishers who may not be so professional as one large publishing house, files from them usually needs more editions which takes much longer time. Some files from them even does not have 'bleed', pictures are not illustrated well, color is not CMYK, size not accurate…

Wons Printing Company helps you Self-Publishers to get file corrected by free for printing.

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