How to Start Printing in China?

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We understand that at the first step, you are doubting about the printing quality.

To help you get one good printing, we provide PROOF.

Printing service without any break for one fast going! Please contact us at Lithrone and Heidelberg press machine to print your books perfectly with up to 6 colors.

Auto-binding machine guarantees perfect binding goes smoothly, not only for glue perfect binding, but also for hard cover case binding.

Welcome friend and reliable customer who needs printing service. Every customer is important and valuable.

What is PROOF? Normally it's printed by digital printing machine, using right paper like that to be used for the book. This book PROOF will be one strong references for mass prints. Actually this also is very important for you to check the contents whether there is any words missing or color difference.

Sometimes, we found the logo not clearly when it's printed, or there should be one commor but actually there was not. So this PROOF helps you correct the file for one perfect printing. Any question you have about how to print one book, feel free to contact us at