One Good Printing Company’s Characteristics

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Hi guys! Found your right printing company for printing your books? Hard? O.k. the professional printing company WONS will give you some advices on judging whether that printing company is good for printing.

Normally, when you communicate with them, one professional printing company or the presentative of the printing company knows well on following objects:

1. Color Management.
There is one Captain operating the press machine. This guy knoes well how to handle the color. For example, the published file requires green color, however the press first outputs the color looks a bit darker. How should we do to achieve one most prefered color? Captain knows this and would just adjust the ink ratio to achieve this.

2. Paper Appreciation.
If you want one Art Book with full colors throught all the pages, with heavy ink print. What paper is most suitable?
Or when you want one Text Book printing, what paper is suitable?
Sometimes one publisher want one 28 pages Book printed, but he wants it as Hardcover Book, what should you do?
Well the printing company's sales in WONS Printing Company will give you one definite answer.

3. File Format.
For one offset printing, what format file is correct and safety? PDF!
Some printers say JPG file is also o.k. for printing. Well, don't take your book into one high risk. JPG file can be used for painting, but could not be used for Offset printing!
Why does one PDF file is required for offset printing? That's because the Font/Color is transferred exactly.
There are still some points need the publisher's attention: Color should be in CMYK, Font should be curved to keep the fonts un-missing.

Of course, there are many other tips to be noted before start printing. Just learning as working.