On line printing service

What is called 'On Line Printing Service'? How that is doing?

Simply speaking, printing what you want through internet connection. You do not go to the printing company's office to forward your book file, pick up the books or magazines or any other printing you have them done for you.

Nowadays, more and more business is be done through internet. Shopping, Selling, Chatting, Advertising… so many business and daily activity is being done through internet!

The most frequently we see and is possibly doing by us is shopping on line. It's reported that the sales turnover exceeds millions million dollars in 2012 in China! This number is just calculated within the two major platforms Taobao.com and it's branch tmall.com.

How much does the On Line Service sells per year in the world?

For publishers, especially the global publishing house, they have many ofices and may need distribute their books to many different places. It's not convenient for them to go to every place to see how the printing is done. It's not because of traveling cost, but because of the travelling time! What they should do? Do the printing on line!

One skilled publisher will look for the good printing company on sear engine, such as http://www.baidu.com, http://www.google.com. Just type several words 'hardcover book printing' or 'wons printing company' in the browser input collumn, many results will be given to you within 3 seconds. So many printing resource for your choice.

The critical problem for you in the next steps is how to identify who they are working professionally for you.

Give them one un-completed specifications, ask them to quote you one price. Now, pay high attention to the printers' response. I believe some of them will reply you with some questions, asking you to confirm the specifications clearly, and explaining that helps to provide one accurate offer. Yes this is exact right way to quote. Waiting for the prices coming from them. You will see some prices are extremely higher, even dear than your local printing service. Some printing price quote is much lower, and some prices are in the middle level seems good. Now, you have your choice list.

Additionally, please pay attention to whether they are professional on the printing technology. One professional printing company will give you one better proposal for printing. For eaxmple, you want to have one 16 pages brochure printing bound with hard cover case bound. You possibly be suggested to have this perfect binding.

It's not wise to take the lowest price always, unless you have tried them and all is trusted with good reputation. Otherwise, never ruin your business reputation on working with one cheapest service.

As one printing company (http://www.wonsprinting.com) base in China, we have expanded our On Line Printing Service to every corner of the world. We sincrely welcome you work with us for mutual-benificial printing business.

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