How to find one good book printing company

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How to find one good book printing company?

When the author completes his writting, submits the manuscript to the publishing house, then publishing house will have editor and publisher to format the file for printing.

Some self publishers know well where to find one good printing company, and they know exactly one professional Printing Company means a lot to them. Why? One professional printing company provides one perfect printing service on: good color printing management, good binding process control, good customer service for shipping and delivery.

For most self publishers who start Self Publishing for the first time, how should they do to find one capable printing company for their books printing?

Normally speaking, there are three ways to find one reputable printing company.

1. Recommendation from existing contacts. As the self publisher may have many contacts in the publishing field, author, designer, illustrator, former publishing house employer, all of them may have been working with one good printing company for some time. So reconmendation from them will be one good source.
As one books printing company, Wons Printing Company has very good reputation in the printing industry and publishing field. Many new publishing houses contact us through another publishing house or their acquaintances's recommendation or introduction.
We are lucky that we have so many publishers acknowledge our printing service. Thank you!

2. Search through Internet.
With the appearance of the computer and internet, it's getting very convenient and fast to source the information you need from the internet.
Just type 'Wons Printing Company' or 'book printing' or 'hardcover book printing' in the search engine's searching column, then in the search result there are some book printing company or book printing service providers comes to your attention. Among these results, Wons Printing Company's Hardcover Book Printing Service will definitely stands there with good looking.
Click any of the book printing service provider, review their website, find out others comments about their printing service, then contact them for one free quote. 
During the next step during you communicat with them, you will find who speaks professionally, and whose price is more reasonable and competitive.

3. Attend some Books Fair or Printing & Packaging Fair.
Go to attend one Books Fair or Printing & Packaging Fair, talking with them face to face. However this takes some time.

After you tried any of these ways, you will certainly get many potential printers. Start your analysis studying, choose the right printing company for printing start.

Wons Printing Company wishes you all the best for good book printing job done!