How to find one professional Hardcover Book Printing Service?

Hardcover Book Printing Service

We know you are looking for one professional Hardcover Book Printing Service, that's the reason you are reading this article on one professional printing company's website page.

Hardcover Book is also called as Case Bound Book, or Hard Cover Book. Anyway, it's critical for one publisher to know how this printing company will be doing for you.

How to identify whether they are working professonally? Here are some more tips for you to consider first prior to working with them.

1. What size of the book?
Size will impact the paper cost very much. However, just be aware that some sizes are convenient to cut down the cost. For example, you want one A4 size, we know it's 210x297mm normally, but it's much convenient to have size at 210x285mm.
2. What kind paper will be used?
Art paper for Art Book, Children Book, Brochure, Catalogue.
Wood Free Paper for Novel Book Printing, Text Book Printing, and so on.
Special paper is proper as End Paper.
3. What kind file is needed for printing book?
Mostly PDF file is preferred, but Ai file, .eps file is also o.k. for printing.
4. How to prepare the file?
Make sure you prepare the file at correct size, with bleed, crop marks, cutting line.
5. How to send the file to us to check for printing start?
Several channels are provided for you to transmit the large file to us. Please check with us to get proper ways for file delivery.
6. How many copies of the book you want to print?
There is one Minimum Order Quantity of 500pcs for printing, especially for the Hardcover Book Printing, as the hardcover book printing involves more labour and material.

Any more question about printing, please feel free to contact us.