Hardback book printing for book publishing house

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Yesterday we met one Book Publisher who came from New Zealand, saying he knows Wons Printing Company several years ago as they ever forwarded their books to one agent in HongKong and finally know their Hardback Book was actually printed by Wons. They were ever reluctant to work directly with us for printing their books, as they are not 100% confident with the working flow. 

It's a bit curious to me. I asked, why do you now have the confidence of working with me?

‘Well, you know we have the connection on linkedin, I studied your knowledge and your personality, and seeing your company capability now, I see all is very amazing!’

Thanks John for your trust. Yes we are one of the best printing service providers in South China, especially in Pear River Area. The well trained staff has rich experience of printing and binding, this makes it possible for us to provide very professional printing service to global publishing houses.

Remember we print hardback books, paperback books, text books, journey books, art books, food books and various printing service to every one clients.