Font Cuver means important to offset printing

As one publisher, do you know all the fonts in the books file must be converted to curves?

Please kindly understand, all the file's words/fonts for printing must be converted to curves. This is one common sense for the printing company.
We know sometimes the file is not converted to curves, some printers converted that without informing customer. However, this is not correct. We must let customer know this, and have their attention to this very important issue, and understand the potential risk of losing the fonts for printing. If customer wants us to convert the fonts to curves, we will do. However we are still afraid of losing anything during the conversion.
Why there comes the curves issue?
When the file's fonts are not converted to curves, the file may display correctly in one computer which has the exact fonts.
But the file will display not correctly when it is read in another computer which does not have this kind fonts.
However if the fonts are converted to curves, this guarantees the file display correctly in any computer.
One professional publisher or file editor knows this exactly on how to convert fonts to curves.

If any of you have problems with Font Curve, please feel free to contact us for help.