Children’s Book Printing Service in China

Get your children books printing in China, from soft cover, hard cover, to board books, you will enjoy our high quality finished books printing in China.

The sizes of children’s books range from small 4' x 4', 7' x 10', 6' x 6' to 9' x 12' , or larger. 8.5' x 11' is quite popular. Of course, we can print any book size based on your design as long as it fits on our presses. The books can be landscape or portait, or even round with special diecuts available based on your design. The books can be bound as hard cover, saddle stitch, perfect, wire o or semi or fully concealed wire o. The page counts of children’s book vary and it all depends on your design and content.

While 32 pages + cover is a popular page count, you can choose your page count based on your content and design. So, you can end up with having 16,24,28,40,48,56,64 pages or more. To achieve high quality children's book , we recommend that you use 100 lbs glossy or matte paper weight for your text pages. You can use 80 lbs as well but for better durability, the 100 lbs paper weight is highly recommended. We can also laminate each page for better durability as is done when printing and binding children's board books