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There are more than 10 publishers from Brisbane Australia are using our printing service. As one professional book printing solution provider in China, we are proud of being one good printing source for all the brisbane publishers.

One day, a publisher in Brisbane told me one story: one day they participated one club held in Brsbane. During the free talk among the publishers, when they mentioned one good printing service, A publisher asked B publisher where do they have their books printed. B told A "in China". "Really? We also have our books printed in China!" Publisher A feel exciting. "We are working with WONS Printing Company, their printing quality is very good!" Added by publisher A.
This time, publisher B opened his mouth, "Oh my god, WONS units us together!".

This is one real discussion in the publishing club. Now many publishers in Brisbane getting friends because of using WONS printing service.

We can say, Wons Printing Company's printing service the best printing source for the Brisbane publishers. Book printing services for all Australia publishers!