Color Box Packaging

Color Box Packaging Printing Service

Gift Color Box Packaging Printing Service helps you very much for your product packaging.

Professional packaging printing service save you money and efforts greatly. This begin from contacting Wons Printing Company.

Box Packaging Printing is one of the major printing services. With the rich experience and knowledge on the box printing, more packaging printing business is now developed very well.


Box Packaging Printing demands from the world is increasing continuously without any break.


We believe that Packaging needs will get larger in the near future, as with the economy development, more and more people wants one beautiful packaging to better comfort themselves in the life.


Box Packaging Printing meets the customers' packaging needs for below market:

USA Packaging market, United Arab area packaging demand for perfume packaging, Australia Packaging needs for food, Europe packaging needs for perfume and electronic appliance, and so on.


When you are spending so much time on getting one professional and high efficient printing service, now Wons Printing Company certainly helps you have this done properly!

What Kind Paper is used for color box packaging printing?

This normally is subject to the product to be packaged. Weight, shape, price level, buyer's age, and so on is the factors that the designer will have to consider.

If the product is small and cute, 250gsm~350gsm single side coated paper is fine.The coated side will be printed. Color makes the packaged product looks very nice and interesting.

If the product is large and heavy, then grey board will be required and then laminated with art paper. This makes the box stronger!


What kind product needs the paper box packaging? There are so many!

moon cake boxes, gift boxes, colors boxes for cosmetics, foods and electric appliances, perfume packaging box, mobile phone packaging box, watch packaging box, as well as hand bags etc.

Paper Box Packaging is needed for all kinds of products, and even for every people!