Books Printing Business going trend

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Books Printing business is impacted by the currency exchange rate. How much does the exchange rate impact the books printing business?
All of us know US dollar is the main currency that is being accepted by the world publishers and printers. In printing quote stage, we printing company take the RMB to calculate our cost then exchange it into US dollar to make the quote to publishing house. Usually the prining service provider list the exchange rate in the quote. Once there is big change, they may have this negotiated with the publisher for one mutual-acceptable solutions.
However it's getting very hard for printing company who relay mainly on export. 
10 years ago, the exchange rate is 1USD=8.28RMB. Under the pressure from other rich countries, the rate changed faster and faster, RMB currency's worth has already forced with huge appreciation. How much the appreciation is? From 8.28 till recent 6.13. It is appreciated by 26%!
Sometimes when you concluded one printing order with publishers, you will probably have one lose during the night. As the exchange rate fluctuates so great!
One encouraging news to the printing company who like us, is that RMB is heading for one short time depreciation. We do not expect to have the RMB back to the 10 year's ago situation or even just 3 year ago, but we really hope it can be steady at 6.5 or so.
Books Publishing companies, are you ready for this change?