As a professional books printing company, We understand that many of our authors are new to the publishing business. We do our best to help them along the way, but sometimes they misunderstand how our process works. The best way to avoid possible errors is to educate our clients whenever possible. Whether you choose us or another book printer, do yourself a big favor and learn our three things that are commonly misunderstood. There are hundreds of things that can go wrong with a book printing order, but these three items probably cover 90% of them.
Three commonly misunderstood items …
1. We print your books according to your instructions, using your files.
We give you a proof in order for you to catch any errors. It is your responsibility to carefully check every aspect of your proof. When you approve that proof, you take all responsibility for any errors in it.
2. Never GUESS or ASSUME anything regarding your book order.
Don't trust your computer screen for color matching. If getting the right colors is important to you, you must get a printed proof.
If you have questions about your order or your proof, ask us. We're happy to help. We want you to be happy with your books.
Sometimes, UPS misses a delivery date. Always give yourself at least a one-day cushion on delivery.
3. Our PrePress rules must be followed.
Timing is critical. We do a lot of work on your files before they are 'ready-to-print’, and this takes time. Every file is different … they can take anywhere from an hour or two to a couple of days. We won’t know how long your files will take until we’ve had a chance to examine them.
We have specific deadlines, and you must adhere to them. They are not negotiable. If your approval deadline is missed, you may have options to upgrade shipping, or to upgrade production (to "Rush" or "Super Rush", only available on a limited basis.)
There are additional costs for sending revised files or for having us make changes to your files.