9 Proposals for Book Printing Enquiry

Sometimes one potential customer will ask for one price list.
Well, none printing company can provide one price list, unless you just print very simple products, such as one sheet flyer, one name card, or you want all customers set their specs as you want. But this is not one correct way for customers to work.


Every customer has their own design. That's their culture spirit.


What factors do you know impact the printing price? Tips for you.

1. what kind product. ie. soft cover or hard cover book? or magazine? or newspaper?

2. what size is?

3. what pape do you want to use?

4. what color printing?

5. how many pages?

6. what kind binding?

7. how many pieces?

8. any special requirement for packing?

9. where to ship?

When you get all answers to this questions, then one exact price can be offered.

Making your printing service professional, working with customers more patient, do not laugh at your customers even they ask for one simple question.

Working smart, efficient, patient, you will get more success.

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